Day 5 : Venice Italy (18 June 2008) Cont

After spending time in Piazza San Marco we decided to just walk around and explore Venice.  We walked around for about 2 hours over bridges and down narrow streets between the old buildings of Venice.  It is a beautiful old city and even with hundreds of tourists walking everywhere it seems quiet and calm.  All the buildings look old and even a bit neglected.  The rising water damages the bottom part of walls and doors.


At about 17:45 we went on a gondola ride through the canals to get another view of the city.  A gondola is a flat-bottomed rowing boat and is 11 meters long.  Our gondolier took us on a tranquil trip through small canals, under bridges and even passes clothes on washing lines.  In some smaller canals the water is dirty and does not smell very nice.  Because of the length of the gondola it is difficult to turn in the narrow canals.

After the gondola ride we went to a restaurant for dinner with different pasta dishes and delicious lemon flavoured gelato.  While we were eating a man was playing an accordion creating a wonderful atmosphere.
At 21:00 we went back to the mainland with the motorboat.  We were sad to leave the beautiful city but ready to rest after a long day.  A short bus ride with the full moon shining behind us took us to the hotel Palladio. 

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  1. What gorgeous photos! Venice and Italy are high on my to-visit list but I haven't made it yet!!

    You had lovely weather - it looks like it wasn't too hot.


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