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Two Oceans Aquarium

In October 2016 we went to visit my sister in Stellenbosch for a long weekend.  We drove from Mossel Bay to Stellenbosch on Friday afternoon.  The road was busy because it was the start of the school holiday.  Just before we reached Caledon traffic stopped.  After waiting a while we heard that a truck overturned and blocked the road.  We waited for about an hour before we could continue and then arrived safely in Stellenbosch. On Saturday we drove to the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town to visit the Two Oceans Aquarium.  This was my second visit to the Aquarium but the first visit for my husband, my mother and our 2 year old son, JW.  The aquarium was very busy and quite noisy.  I don’t know if this was due to the school holiday or if it is that busy every Saturday.  We could not keep JW in his stroller for very long.  He wanted to be closer to the fish and free to go where he wants. It was hard work to keep him close to us with all the people. At the I&

Garden Route Botanical Garden

One of our favourite places to visit in George is the garden Route Botanical Garden.  Both my husband and I love taking photos.  This garden is a great place for photography. The Garden was officially opened in 1998.  The garden is laid out with paths, benches and lots of picnic places.  There is also a tea garden but we have not yet visited it. The paths go around the dam. The dam was established in 1811 when George was founded and was the town’s first water supply.  Some of the original furrows can still be found in the garden. We love to just stroll around the garden with our cameras.  There is a wide variety to photograph… flower, plants, insects and birds to name only a few.  Here are a few of my favourite photos from the garden. USEFUL INFORMATION: Garden Route Botanical Garden Address:                          49 Caledon Street, George, South Africa Website:                    Phone no:      

Dias Museum Complex

I live in Mossel Bay. The town is next to the ocean and it is a very popular vacation destination during summer.  From mid December to early January it is very busy and we try to stay away from the shops and tourist places during the day. So when things started to calm down after New Year I decided to take my 2.5 year old son (JW) to visit the Dias Museum Complex.  My last visit to the museum was in 2012 when I went during my lunch hour.  This time we arrived at about 10:00 and spend about 90 minutes at the museum.  (There was still more to see but after 90 minutes my son was getting tired and we went home) The entrance fee is R 20 for an adult to visit the museum or R 40 to visit the museum and go onto the replica of the carvel.  Children are divided in 2 categories.  There was no fee for JW.  (I think children start to pay from 6 years and older) Entrance fees are paid in the Granary and we then walked through the building to the rest of the museum complex.  JW imme