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Prins Albert

We did not travel a lot in 2015, but one of the highlights was our weekend in Prins Albert. It was the first time we left our son alone at his grandparents for the night.  H and I left early on Saturday morning from George and drove about 200 km to Prince Albert via Oudshoorn. We started by driving through the town.  It was bigger than I expected with lots of old houses, some are beautifully restored and other needs some love and attention.  But the thing that impressed me the most was the beautiful gardens and plants and lot of water in the town. I loved the water furrows and windpompe through town.  Here are a few pictures of the flowers, trees and wate r.


I cannot believe that 8 months have past since my last post on the blog. I have missed it but finding time to sit and write a post is just so difficult at the moment. We planned a short holiday for the end of March but plans changed when my son became ill and we decided to spend the holiday at home. We did one day trip to Gourits.  We drove through a part of the Reins Nature reserve while our son slept in the back and when he woke we went for a walk on th e beach before heading back home. Ystervark Punt Lighthouse