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Very disappointing outing to the Dino Expo

Our son JW loves dinosaurs and after reading about the Dino Expo on Facebook we knew we want to visit.  As soon as the early bird tickets opened we bought out tickets.  (R100 per adult & R80 per kid for early bird tickets). Even Grandma and Grandpa was excited and decided to join us for the outing. After waiting for about a month it was finally time for the Dino Expo at the Train Museum in George on Saturday 4 November 2017. The following is a extract of the description of the Dino Expo from their facebook page :     “The Dino Expo is a mesmerizing, not-to-be-missed exhibition of realistic, life size, accurate to science animatronic dinosaurs that capture the imagination with their life-like demeanor and movement. They will ‘prehistorify’ the senses with their life-like legendary roaring sounds that electrify the environs and inspire adrenaline filled excitement. Get lost in this phenomenally realistic artistically landscaped captivating forest with natural t rees can

Kontrei Padstal

I cannot believe that I have never written about Kontrei Padstal on the blog.  This is one of our favourite places for a breakfast or lunch in the George area.  This restaurant can be found on the N2 out of George in the direction of Wildernis/Knysna at the Sasol Fuel station. We love the breakfast with great coffee and homemade bread.  And we also love the Sunday lunch…a homemade plate with a cooked meal like my grandmother would have made for us.  Usually this meal includes two meats, 2 vegetables, potatoes and rice.  And best of all is the prices are very reasonable. Outside they have a lovely play area for kids.  The area can only be accessed through a door from the restaurant and it is surrounded by fences.  This area includes a jungle gym with a slide and swings.  On the one side of the jungle gym is a steering wheel, key and gear lever.  JW loves to “drive” in this car.  And usually his grandfather has to climb in and “drive” with him. There is also a jumping castl