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Eaglevlei Play Park

In August 2017 we went to Stellenbosch for a weekend for a friend’s birthday and to visit my sister.  On a rainy Saturday my sister wanted to treat my 3-year old son JW with a fun outing.  We found a few options from our Google search and decided to try Eaglevlei.  According to the Eaglevlei website they have “ One of the largest indoor play park areas for children in the Western Cape” and it is definitely the biggest play area I have seen.  The play area is divided in two sections.....One is for toddlers from 1 to 3 year and the other for children from 3 to 12 years old.  JW was lucky that he could play in both areas.  The toddler area is very nice.  There is a huge pool with balls and JW spent a lot of time here diving into the balls.  He also liked hanging on the swinging balls. The other area has a huge jungle gym with three levels. There are different obstacles to climb, lots of slides and tunnels.   Then JW discovered an area with wind blowing from pipes and i

6th Avenue Self Catering Apartment

Soon after we got married, mu husband and I decided we want to buy our own home.  We started to look around and then heard of a house on sale.  At first we were not sure but then decided to make a offer.  It was a bit more than we planned to pay but the house was bigger and the view amazing. In February 2013 we moved in to our new home.  Adjoined to the house was a 2 bedroom apartment.  The previous owner used it when his family came to visit.  After we settled in the house we decided to rent out the apartment for extra income.  With the help of my father-in-law we made some changes and updates to the apartment and in April 2014 our first (and only) tenants moved in.  At this time I was about 4 month pregnant with our son and we found out my husband had cancer.  It was a rough couple of months but at least we were happy with the tenants.  This did not last very long.  One of the tenants was in a accident and she could not work for a long time and then they stopped pay

Oud en Jonk Restaurant at George Nursery

It is the first day of Spring and the sun is shining in Mossel Bay.  The weather makes me want to go outside.  This weekend I am going to spend some time in the garden an maybe visit a nursery for some new plants. During the July school holiday my husband went hunting and I went to visit my parents in George with our son, JW. It was one of the coldest weekends of the winter but the sun was shining and we decided to go have lunch and shop for plants at the George Nursery, just outside of George.  It was a while since our last visit to the nursery and we weren’t sure if the restaurant was still there but we decided to take a chance.   Still a bit of snow on the Outeniqua Mountain When we arrived at about 10:00 on Monday morning we first went to the Oud en Jonk Restaurant and we were the only customers.  There is a lovely lawn with a jungle gym, slides and trampolines for kids.  JW was running around to play before we even decided on a table. Some of the jungle gyms