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There is no Fragrance Route in Great Brak

On 24 September it was Heritage day in South Africa.  My husband and I decided to take our cameras and go for a drive.   Great Brak River is about 25 km from our home in Mossel Bay.   I found a leaflet about Great Brak River at the Mossel Bay Tourism office with a bit of detail about the “Fragrance Route”.   Since we love to take photos of flowers, we decided to drive this route.   (There should be lots of flowers on a fragrance route…or so we thought) The following picture shows the description of the fragrance route.  This is an extract out of the Great Brak River leaflet:   What we experienced on our drive: Firstly we could not find the Fragrance route.  We followed the vague map that was on the leaflet but nowhere along the route were any signs to give information or directions. Secondly, there were almost no flowers along the route…or what we thought is the route.  It is a gravel road that was under construction.  All the plants next to the road were covere

Mont Marie Restaurant - Breakfast with view

On the last day of our weekend in Stellenbosch in August 2017 my sister wanted to treat us for a breakfast.  But we had a slow start and getting everybody ready took a while. We drove to Mont Marie Restaurant and although we did not have a reservation we got a table outside next to the kids play area. It was a lovely sunny day with blue skies and a great day to be outside.  And we weren’t the only people who thought so…the restaurant was busy with lots of kids paying outside and even more adults enjoying a drink or meal at the tables. The restaurant has a beautiful view of the mountains (Even after studying for 4 years n Stellenbosch I still cannot remember the names of the mountains around the town) and a dam. The play area for the kids is not very big but there are various things for kids to do.  There are swings, a sandpit with lots of tractors and other toys to play in the sand, interesting jungle gyms and a slide. There is also some lawn to run on and some s