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#3322 Dominique

On Saturday 11 March 2017 there was no relaxing in our pyjamas or enjoying a lazy breakfast ,  We had to get ready early to go see the departure of “Dominique”.  “Dominique” is locomotive #3322, an oil burner steam engine, that was restored in Voorbaai, Mossel Bay for the CeresRailway Company .   #3322 Dominique For years my husband would say how sad it is to see all the old trains/locomotives etc just rusting away in the “train cemetery” in Voorbaai.  But the last few years a team has started to restore some of these old locomotives for the Ceres Railway Company.  After the restoration is complete the locomotives are moved to Ceres where visitors can take trips between Ceres and Cape Town.  Before Dominique, they restored “Jessica” a Class 19D locomotive #3321, “Bailey” a Class 19B locomotive #1412 and “Red Devil” a Class 26 locomotive #3450. #3321 Jessica #3322 Dominique Dominique was scheduled to leave Mosel Bay at 8:45 Saturday morning and we arrived at the Vo

Mushroom Meander

We regularly visit the Garden Route Botanical garden for walks and to take photos.  At the end of February 2017 we decided to do the Mushroom Meander walk for the first time. An article inthe Mossel Bay Advertiser  described the trail as follow: “ The 800m trail, in a stretch of indigenous forest to the northwest of the garden, has a variety of mushrooms and fungi growing along the path and is a photographer's paradise.”  The path is easy to follow but there were no signs and a few times I worried if we were still walking on the right path. I was a bit disappointed because there weren’t a lot of mushrooms along the route. I expected more of a trail with “mushroom” in the title. While driving home we decided it was a very nice walk but as a photography outing it was not successful.