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Swartberg Pass

In October 2015 we took a short trip to Prince Albert.  We ended our trip by driving back home using the Swartberg Pass. The Swartberg pass was the final pass built by Thomas Bain and was opened on 10 January 1888.  The pass is a gravel road of about 27 km from Prince Albert to Oudshoorn over the Swartberg Mountains. The pass has many with lots of switchbacks with beautiful views.  The road is supported by an amazing stone retaining walls. It declared a National Monument in 1988. The pass was very busy on the Sunday morning as we made our way home.  At some places the road is very narrow and one of the vehicles has to stop for the other to pass.  I was very glad that I was not in the driver seat but my husband did a great job.  It is not necessary for a 4x4 vehicle to do this drive. We used our in our Ford Figo and saw even smaller cars also driving along.     We first stopped at my parents house in George.  I was very glad to see our son

Old Water Mill, Prince Albert

Our last stop in Prince Albert was the Alberts Mill.   Driving out of town it can be found on the left side of the road.  This water mill was built in 1850 by HJ Botes.   It is the last of 7 mills that used to operate in Prince Albert.  From 1842 grain was milled at the site but the current building is from 1850.  After being operated as a flour mill for more than 100 years it was sold in 1977.  The mill slowly deteriorated but in 2000 it was restored and can once again ground flour. It was declared a  National monument in 1965 . For more information visit  "Prince Albert Friend"