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Outeniqua Transport Museum & 5 Years of blogging

Today is this blogs 5th birthday. After a lot of debating with myself I published my first post on Monday 20 February 2012.  The post was about a visit to the Outeniqua Transport Museum in George.   For the first two years I posted regularly…about 10 times a month on average.  Then in 2014 my husband got sick and our son was born and only 14 posts were written in the last 3 years.  This year I am trying to get back to regular post.  My goal is one post every 2 weeks.  This is my 5 th post for the year.  Let’s see if I can keep it going for the whole year. *** On 16 December 2016 I visited the Outeniqua Transport Museum with my husband H and our 2-year old son JW.  I did not realize that it was 5 years since our last visit to this museum or that a post about the museum will be perfect on the 5th anniversary of my first post. H loves old trains and he passed this love to our son. Both were very excited for the visit.  As soon as we got out of th

Prince Albert - Dutch Reformed Church

Prince Albert has a lovely Dutch Reformed Church. It is one of those buildings that had to photograph every time we drove or walked pass. The corner stone was laid on 1 October 1860 and the church was completed in 1865 with the bell and clock, both imported from London, installed in 1878. During the Boer War the British forces used the church tower as a look-out. The corners of the wall surrounding the church and the spikes on the fence have been designed to match the church building. As usual in South Africa, the church was locked and we could not go inside. Church Hall Lovely lavender in front of the church Corner stone

Prince Albert Gable

I started to post about our short trip to Prince Albert in October 2015 but did not finish.  Before visiting Prince Albert we did not know a lot about the town. It was bigger than we expected and there were a lot of old buildings to photograph.  Fransie Pienaar Museum One of our first stops was at the Fransie Pienaar Museum. This was n very interesting museum about the history of the town.  Unfortunately they do not allow photos inside the museum.  My fingers itched to take photos.  There is a small shop in the museum but I was disappointed that they did not postcards or photos about the museum’s collection. The museum shop did have very interesting small books about the town written by Helena Marincowitz.  We bought two books: “Prince Albert and the Anglo Boer War” and “The Old Gables of Prince Albert”.  This is when we learned about the Prince Albert Gable. The gable style was brought to South Africa by the settlers from Holland.  Eighteen of Prince Albert’s gable hou