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Kidz at Mount View

I was a bit skeptic when my mother suggested we go to this play area at the old George Tourism Resort but I was wrong.  Kidz at Mount View is a wonderful place for a family with young children to spend a few hours while eating some food. There is a toddler play area for kids between 1 and 3 years.  This area includes a slide, lots of balls, cars, dolls and other toys for toddlers.  My almost 3-year old son JW loved the doll house with its basin and windows with shutters.  He also loved jumping in the pool of balls. Toddler play area Next to the toddler area is a big indoor jungle gym for kids from 3 to 9 years old.  This is a lovely jungle gym with 3 levels to climb and explore.  There are slides, swings, a tunnel, monkey bars and many other things to enjoy. JW loved the slide into a pool of balls and climbing through the tunnel.  Indoor play area with 3 levels As a parent I loved that it is a save place I can take my son to play.  When you enter each

The Shark Lab

I have walked pass the sign for the Shark Lab hundreds of time since I moved to Mossel Bay in 2006 and have never been inside.  On Saturday 13 May 2017 I decided to visit with my 2½ year old son, JW. JW watched a cartoon with a shark and is now fascinated with sharks. While he was interested I thought the Shark Lab was a good place to visit. You can enter the Shark lab from 2 sides.  We entered from the Point side.  I knocked en opened the door.  It was dark inside and I could just about see a person sitting at the other end of the room.  She was very friendly and gave us about information about the animals.  I could hear that she cares a lot about them. We then paid our entrance fee.  It was R 20 for an adult; R 10 for children from 4 years old and children until 3 was free.  For R 150 you can swim with two Smooth-hound sharks but we decided to skip this.  After paying we walked through a small curio shop and entered the aquarium through a security gate. The descri