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In December 2015 we went to Calitzdorp for a daytrip.  My grandmother grew up in Calitzdorp.  My mother joined us for the day and we went looking for places she remembered from visits to her grandparents. The road from George to Oudstshoorn was very busy.  We arrived in a very hot Calitzdorp at about 10:30.  We stopped next to the tourist information office and when mom looked up she saw her grandparents home.  The house is in Barry Street and is called “Vine Grove”. We left the car and walked around in Barry Street and then to the Dutch Reformed Church. The foundation stone for the sandstone church was laid on 17 December 1910 and the inauguration was in April 1912. The stand for the cottage at nr 27 Andries Pretorius Street was acquired in 1859 by JJ Stimie and he built the house.  The third owner was  John Baldwin who arrived in SA from the island Tristan da Cunha.  When the Baldwins bought the property in 1878 the hous was named after the island

Harry Giddy Park

Harry Giddy Park is in the centre of town, in Marsh Street, Mossel Bay.  We drive past the park daily.  In April 2016 we decided to take a walk through the Park. The park was proclaimed on the Queen’s Golden Jubilee on the 21st June 1887 and was named “Victoria Park”.  The historic gates at the southern entrance were erected in 1903 to commemorate the Jubilee of the reign of Queen Victoria of Britain. The name of the park was changed to Harry Giddey Park in 1969 to honour the man who took a great interest in the park from the 1930’s and paid for much of the features, stonework and paths seen today. We started our walk at the touch farm and aviaries.  There is a play area for kids and lots of birds and animals.  Our son was running around enjoying all the animals.  There is a gazebo and lots of places for picnics. Our son fell into the water around this fountain Our outing ended dramatically  when our son wanted to take a closer look at the fountain