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St Jude’s Church, Oudtshoorn

On Friday 9 August 2013 we spent the day in Oudtshoorn.  We started by walking along Baron van Rheede Street and soon we reached St Jude’s Church.  This was my favourite stop of day and the best part was that it was open and we could visit the inside. The original church was designed by Sophy Gray and was erected besteen 1860 and 1865.   The current church was largely the work of architect George Wallis and was built in 1897.   It incorporates parts of the original church. This church is the oldest stone building in the town, built with sandstone by four Scottish stone masons.  The church is a National Heritage Site. Inside we saw some beautiful stain glass windows.  Also some interesting memorials and a flag presented to the Oudtshoorn Volunteers by King Edward VII in 1904.