Day 7 : Rome Italy (20 June 2008) Cont

Arch of Constantine
After our tour of the Roman Forum we followed the guide to the Collosseum and went inside.  It took 8 years to built the colloseum and it was celebrated with 100 days of games. It was used for different games like a man with spear against an animal or 20 prisoners without weapons against animals.  They would even gather water inside and would then have naval battles inside.  The colloseum is huge and it is difficult to think it was built so long ago. 
After walking around inside the colleseum we went outside and bought a book about the Roman Forum and Colloseum.  Then (at about 17:00) we rode with the train from Colosseo to Spagna to go buy some food.  We bought some pizza at a shop close to the Pantheon and sat on the steps of a fountain to eat.  Our feet were tired from walking.  It was still very hot.  

We also went looking for a place to buy memory cards for our cameras because we were taking a lot of photos and was running out of space.  At the first shop we tried the power was out and at the second the lady could not speak English.  We walked around some more and finally found memory cards at a shop near Piazza Navona. 

We then visited 2 small churches named Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddelena and Santa Maria in Aquiro.  These churches were amazing inside. It was very quiet inside and felt holy.  We did not take any pictures inside.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddelena

Santa Maria in Aquiro

We then walked to the Trevi Fountain and sat there for about 30 minutes.  It was less busy than the previous day and we enjoyed sitting and resting our feet.  We also went back to the Spanish Steps before taking the train to the EUR Magliana station at 20:45.  At 21:20 took the bus back to the hotel.  The first thing we did was to get our tired feet out of our shoes and to put them in a bath with cold water.  It was a long and busy day but we enjoyed every bit of it.

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