Day 1 : London to Amsterdam (14 June 2008)

On Saturday 14 June 2008 we were up early to get ready for Europe.  We went downstairs to weigh our bags at about 7:45.  At about 8:15 the Contiki bus left London.  We drove from London to Dover where we had to wait for the ferry.  While we waited some officers came unto the bus to check our passports.  The bus then drove unto the ferry and at 10:05 we started crossing the canal.
The trip on the ferry took about 1,5 hours.  The ferry is huge and has lots to do.  We walked around for a while and took some photo's of the white cliffs of Dover.  Then we bought some food and relaxed the rest of the trip to France. 

We got back on the bus and drove of the ferry and through a part of France.  While riding we played a game of “Speed dating”.  The bus has 4 seats in each row with a isle in the center.  The person sitting next to the isle had to move every minute.  So we met 50% of the people traveling with us.  It was a lot of nice people from all over the world (SA, USA, Canada, etc)
We drove through Belgium before stopping for lunch in Netherlands at about 15:00.  After 45 minutes for lunch we continued to Amsterdam.  We passed our first windmill at about 16:00.  The land is very flat an green with lots of grass.
Just after 17:00 we arrived at Lakeland Hotel.  We went to our rooms and relaxed for a while and went for a walk on the hotel grounds. At about 18:00 we had a nice buffet dinner with chicken, spare ribs, vegetables, salads and ice cream.

Then it was time for the canal cruise of Amsterdam... 

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  1. I love your blog.
    My favorite picture is the P&O Ferry passing by the White Cliffs of Dover!


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