Eyewitness Travel Guides – A Book Review


Last month I wrote a book review and I enjoyed it.  Today I want to share some more of my favourite travel books. 

DK Eyewitness Travel Guides
I bought my first travel guide in 2008. I was planning a trip with my friend Lelanie to London and Europe.  While planning the trip I bought the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Europe and I paid R 282.00 for it.  Except for my university textbooks, this was the most expensive book I have ever bought for myself.  
We were doing a Contiki Tour and visited 7 countries.  I studied the information in guide the about the cities we would visit.   I made lists of places I want to see and then looked for more information about them.  In the end I did not take the guide with me (the 800 pages was just to heavy to carry along) but packed all my lists to use. 
At Departures at Cape Town Airport in 2008
My second guide was for the same trip.  The Eyewitness Travel Top 10 London traveled with us.  We stayed in London for 4 days after the Contiki tour ended.  We used this book while exploring London.  We visited 6 of the top 10 sites and many others.  I loved Queen Mary’s Rose Garden in Regent Park and I would not have known about this pretty garden if I did not read the guide. It was one of the highlights of our trip.

After we returned home I started to buy some more guides.  I bought guides for countries we visited and for places I wanted to visit.  I even bought the guide for South Africa.  Then when my brother married his Swiss wife I bought the Switzerland guide.  This book traveled with my mom and me when we went to Switzerland for their wedding in 2011.
 The books have good quality paper in hardcover.  Maybe not the most practical book to take along on a trip because is can be heavy but I love the contents.  There is information about the geography, history, food, things to do and more.  I love the little drawings of maps for the towns and the photos. I hope I can soon add a few more to my collection.  

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  1. The Eyewitness Travel Guides really are awesome travel guides. Lots of good info and I love their maps.

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  3. Eyewitness Travel is an amazing and beneficial book. Detail about the travels are and also with beautiful pictures.


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