Victoria West

After spending a day exploring Beaufort West in Sep 2012 we decided to take a day trip away from the town on Sunday.  

We left early. The first part of the trip we drove on the N1 (National Road between cape Town and Johannesburg).  The road was very busy with a lot of trucks and there were some unplanned stops due to road works.  After passing Drie Susters we drove on the N12.  This road was a lot quieter and we could enjoy the beautiful fields around us. 
Victoria West is about 136km from Beaufort West and it took us about 90 minutes to reach the town.  We arrived at about 8:30 in the morning.  We did not really know what we wanted to see and first drove around a bit to get an idea of what there is. 
It is a small town and was very quiet early on the Sunday morning. Church Street has a lot of pretty karoo style houses.  Some are in very good condition and is used for guesthouses but others have been neglected.
 We spotted the powder magazine on a hill and climbed to the top of the small hill to get a closer look.  There was a beautiful view of the town. The powder magazine is a National Heritage Site.

We walked to the Mannetjies Roux Museum but it is closed on Sundays.  The church bells started ringing for services and all the dogs in town started barking.  It was quite funny. Soon after the bells stopped the dogs and town went quiet again.

We wanted to wait until after the church services before taking pictures of the churches.  While we waited we drove to a monument on the outside of town. We passed an almost empty dam with a few springbucks grazing near the water. 


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