Mossel Bay Monday: Walking in Bland Street

Bland Street is one of the oldest streets in Mossel Bay with lots of old buildings.  I walked from the Church Street side towards the Point and here are some of the buildings along the way.
Vintcent Building
Prince, Vintcent & Co Building
The original Vincent Building was built in about 1820 by CF Pohl.  In 1863 Joseph Vintcent bought it.  Next-door is the Prince, Vintcent & Co Building is an extension of the Vintcent building and was built between 1901 and 1903.  It has a large arch for ox-wagons to enter the building. 
The Errols Electrogas building was built in 1876 for the ABC Bank. Its neighbour the Stones building was built in 1881 as a shop.  Some of the stone detail was damaged in 2001 during a “restouration”.
Next is the Searle’s Manor.  It was built in 1902 as a warehouse for Searle & Co of Great Brak River.

Customs House
Customs House was built in 1874 and was extended in 1882.  The wood verandah was added in 1892.
Mossel Bay Boating Co Offices
The Mossel Bay Boating Co owned and ran the harbour.  Their office was built in 1902 and the clock tower was used to time the offload of ships.  Next-door is the Good Shed. It was built in 1900 to store the ship cargo and currently is houses an indoor market.

(I used Visit Mossel Bay's "Explore Historical Mossel Bay on foot" brochure for the
above-mentioned information.  You can download the full brochure here.)

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