PE : St George’s Park

Around St George’s Park in Port Elizabeth you can find a more of the sites on the Donkin Heritage Trail.
The Cenotaph
The Cenotaph stands on the outside of the park in front of the art museums.  This War memorial was opened on 10 November 1929.  It was built to commemorate the men and women who were killed in the First World War. After the Second World War panels were added. 
James Gardner of the PE Art School sculpted it.  The lower portion represents the earthly life and the upper portion heavenly life.  The base has the shape of a sarcophagus around which runs a relief panel.  On the one side is the figure of St George with his foot on a dead dragon to show he has done his duty to protect.  On the other side is a mother and children to symbolise the warrior’s wife protecting their home.

The Victorian Pearson Conservatory was opened on 12 September 1882.  It was named after Mr. HW Pearson who was the mayor of Port Elizabeth at the time.  It was manufactured by J Boyd and Son in Scotland as a “kit of parts” and sent to Port Elizabeth where it was put together at a total cost of £3 800. The central fountain is still the original one imported from the UK in 1882.  The building was restored in 2010 but most of the steel, glass and wood are still the original.

This monument was unveiled on 11 February 1905.  It commemorates the services of the horses which perished during the Anglo Boer War from 1899 to 1902.  This monument use to be next to St George’s park but was moved in the 1950’s.  Port Elizebeth took an interest in the horses because the horses that was brought in to the country landed there.

The inscription on the base reads:
“The greatness of a nation depends not so much upon the number of its people or its territory,
as in the extent and justice of its compassion”
The Prince Alfred's Guard Memorial is also in the park.  More about the memorial next time.


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