Day 1 : Amsterdam Canal Cruise (14 June 2008)

At 19:45 we left from the Lakeland Hotel with the bus to Amsterdam city for a canal cruise.  The cruise is also called the booze cruise because the drinks are free.  At the beginning of the cruise each person got a shot “Flugel” and later some Heineken beer. We spend 1.5 hours on a boat floating through the canals of Amsterdam.
According to our tour guide there are 1,2 million bicycles in Amsterdam but only 800 000 people.  We passed a few of the tourist attractions in Amsterdam.  Here are some pictures:
The VOS Ship “Amsterdam”

Anne Frank House
The canal cruise ended at about 23:30 but we decided not to go back to the hotel yet.  Four of us went for a walk through Amsterdam’s Red Light District.  This was an experience.  The girls are in lingerie in their booths and tries to attract men.  The streets are busy with curious tourists and men who sit and watch.

At about 23:30 we took a cab back to the hotel.  The cab ride cost €38.60 and we had to give the driver a tip.  We paid €10 each (converted to about R126 each).  Back at the hotel we were too excited about everything we did during the day and it was about 12:30 when we finally went to sleep.

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