Our favourite kids things to do at the Point

We live in Mossel Bay, a small town next to the ocean.  The town is still mainly a summer holiday destination when thousands of people come here to spend time in the ocean.

The point area is about 2 kilometres from our house and one of our favourite places to go for a quick outing after work or during weekends.  Almost daily, when I get home from work, my son JW asks if we can drive around the Point.

Here are some of our favourite things we do around the Point area:

Swimming in the Paddling Pool
This is one of my son’s favourite activities…in summer, spring and autumn…and even on a warm winter’s day.  The Paddling Pool is a tidal pool. In the summer we usually go to the Point early in the morning (between 8 and 9 am) to swim and return home by 10am.  We do this to avoid the harsh sun later in the day but mainly because there are less people.  The water is cold and refreshing and there is more parking.  The paddling pool is not very deep and the shallow water is very nice for kids to play. 
The Point, Mossel Bay

The Point, Mossel Bay

Sand and shells
If the sun is shining it is always a good time for a walk at the Point. Take a spade and a bucket and build a sand castle or pick up some shells.  Or walk on the rocks and look for fishes in the rock pools.

Jungle gym
Close to the Paddling Pool there is a small jungle gym with a few swings.  JW loves to swing while looking at the ocean and searching for boats.  There is also a nice grass area to run on or kick a ball. 

Ice cream
We love to buy ice cream at the orange and green caravan.  The Oom and Tannie are always friendly and there is always an interesting new flavour to try like watermelon or kaluha.  I think the ice cream is the reason why JW want to drive to the Point each day.  There ia also other ice cream sellers and a coffee shop.  During summer holidays there is also stalls selling food and other items.

Walk /ride on the 3 km-long walkway
 It’s been a while since I walked the whole length of the walkway but when our son was a baby we enjoyed putting him in his stroller and walking along this path.  It is a more difficult with a 3-year old who would rather play in the water and sand.

The Shark Lab
There is a very, very small aquarium at the Shark lab. The entrance fee is R20 for an adult, R10 for children over 4 years and free for children under three.  Depending on how much of the information you read, you need between 2 minutes and maximum 15 minutes for you visit.    I personally think it is overpriced for what you can see and we have only visited once but JW loved it. For R150 you can swim in a tank with 2 sharks.
The Point, Mossel Bay

St Blaize cave 
The cave is situated beneath the St Blaize Lighthouse. JW is not interested in the information or historical importance of the cave.  He just wants to climb the stairs and run on the wood walkway.  The view of the ocean from the cave is amazing and older kids will probably understand more of the history. 
The Point, Mossel Bay

Playing on the rocks in the Poort at low tide
Climbing from rock t rock and looking for rock pools to jump in is another f JW’s favourite things.  At low tide there is lots of rocks and pools all around the Point. 

Playing at  Fanta Sea / Play@Point
I am not sure what the current name of the play area at the Point is. There is a jungle gym with swings, trampolines and jumping castles.  They also have a put-put course.  On our last visit it was R10 to play and R20 for put-put but this could have changed.
The Point, Mossel Bay


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