Dias Museum

It is wonderful what kids can remember.  I only took my son for one visit to the DiasMuseum in January 2017 and every time we drive is the direction of the museum he asks if he can go to the boat.  After another request from him in December 2017 I decided it was time for a second visit to the museum.

The entrance fee to visit the museum complex was R 20 for an adult or for R 40 per adult you can enter the museum and go on the replica of the carvel. For children under 18 the fee is R 5 or R 10.  I think children under 6 years can enter for free. My son, JW was 3 year old and I did not pay for him.

The main attractions of the museum for my son, JW is climbing on the boat. But if we start our visit by climbing on the boat he will never understand why he can’t go back to climb on the boat again. So we start by taking a walk through the garden towards the Shell museum and saved the carvel for almost last.
Aquariums in the Shell Museum

The Shell Museum is in the “Shirley building” that was built in 1902.  JW loves the aquariums with fish in this museum.  There were lots of other families and soon JW was running between tanks with some other kids looking at the fish. While looking at the tank with lobsters, the antennae of one lobster brushed against JW’s hand.  He got such a fright.
Climbing in the Post Tree

Next we walked to the Post Tree.  This Milkwood tree is older than 500 years.  In 1501 The Portuguese navigator Da Nova found a message under a tree near the watering place and this may be the same tree.
The replica of the Dias Caravel

And then it was time to visit the Maritime Museum and see the replica of the Dias Caravel.  In 1988, so celebrate 500 years since the landing of Dias, a replica of the Dias Caravel was built in Portugal and sailed to Mossel Bay.  The building was adapted for the caravel to fit inside and to serve as Maritime Museum.  JW was not interested in any off the displays...he went running to the entrance to go onto the caravel.  We explored the whole caravel…climbing every ladder and pulling the ropes.
The spring

Malay Graves

We bought some cool drinks and then walked to the water spring to see the ducks.  We also walked to the Malay Graves.  There is a path to the graves but it is not marked very well and it felt deserted with no other people around.  I took a few photos and walked back.

By now JW was tired and I had to carry him back to the car and he had a wonderful nap after his adventure as a Portuguese explorer.

Dias Museum Complex
Address:                       1 Market Street, Mossel Bay, South Africa
Website:                       www.diasmuseum.co.za
Phone no:                     +27 44 691 1067
Fax no:                         +27 44 691 1915
Visiting Hours:              Monday – Friday:             09:00 – 16:45
                                     Weekends:                       09:00 – 15:45

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