Ahavah Cafe & Deli

The Ahavah Café and Deli and kids play area at the Outeniqua Palms Nursery was a lovely surprise.  I am a creature of habit and when I find a place I like I return to it again and again.  But on Saturday 18 November we decided to try something new.  And I am sure that we will be returning to this restaurant again and again.

Outeniqua Palms is just outside of George on the old Airport road (R102) and we drive past the nursery regularly.  I wanted to take my mom out for brunch for her birthday but also needed a place where my 3-year old son JW can play.  So we decided to give the restaurant Outeniqua Palms a try.

The nursery is easy to find.  If you are travelling from George it is the first nursery on the left hand side of the road.  The restaurant is actually run separately from the nursery but uses the same parking area and entrance.

Ahavah Café and Deli is a farm-style coffee shop with a great outdoor play for kids and a small petting zoo.  They serve all-day breakfast, lunch and deserts.  They also sell small gifts, souvenirs and deli products.

Outeniqua Palms Nursery

Outeniqua Palms Nursery

Outeniqua Palms Nursery

Here are some of the things that we loved:
  • There is a wonderful outside play area for kids.  From all the places we have visited in George this is the best outside play area.  It is surrounded by a fence and feels very save.  It is in great condition with no broken ropes etc. There are a jungle gym, slides, ropes, a sand pit, trampoline, jumping castle, swings and “tree” house to name a few. JW was busy the whole 2 hours we spent there and only sat at the table long enough to drink his milkshake.
Outeniqua Palms Nursery

Outeniqua Palms Nursery
  • There are lots of animals…a pig and a goat, a chicken and duck.  And lots of bunnies. JW (and most of the other kids there) tried and tried to catch a bunny. Some are successful but JW could not catch one.  In the end I helped him and he got to hold the bunny in his arms.
Outeniqua Palms Nursery
  • The food was good and the prices are great. They have breakfast, burgers, tasted sandwiches and tramazzinis and some other options.  There is also a kiddies menu. JW loved his kiddies milkshake served in a lightbulb shaped glass.
Outeniqua Palms Nursery

It was very busy on this Saturday morning with 2 kids parties in process and other visitors.  The waitress was very friendly and service was good.  The only negative was that I had to stand in line for a while to pay.

By the end of our meal JW was tired from all the running and climbing but we wanted to take a quick look at the nursery. There is some gifts and items for your home like photo frames to buy.  The nursery has everything you need for your garden. There are lots of plants and many different trees and I will return to do some plant shopping.

Ahavah Cafe & Deli at Outeniqua Palms Nursery
Address:                      R102, No 204 Gwang Farm (33° 59' 23.3088" S, 22° 24' 49.1184" E)
Tel no:                         065 286 8348
Website:                      http://outeniquapalms.co.za/
Entrance Fee:             None
Trading Hours:            Monday to Friday     8:00 – 17:00                           
   Saturdays                  8:00 – 16:00
                                    Sundays                    9:00 – 15:00
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Outeniqua Palms Nursery


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