Plettenberg Bay : St Peter’s Anglican Church

After the Van Plettenberg Monument and Old Timber Shed in Meeding Street we went to look for the old stone church I saw on pictures.  We did not have a map or address but got good directions from a surfer.  We should have guessed that the church would be in Church Street.
The St Peter’s Anglican Church was beautiful.  It stood between trees in a pretty garden with the sun shining on the stone walls.  We walked closer and found a sundial, pretty old church bell and even a few old graves around the church.  Unfortunately it was closed and we could not see the inside.

I could not find a lot of information about the history of the church but did find:

  • The church is built on the site of a small schoolroom-cum-chapel that was built for Bishop Robert gray’s visit in 1856.  It was destroyed by a gale in 1875.
  • The church was designed by Sophy Gray in 1879.
  • The church was designed by Sophy Gray in 1879The contractor who built the church was William Jones.  He also donated furniture to the church.
  • It was consecrated by Bishop William Wes Jones on 14 August 1881.

Sophy Gray Churches Note:
We did not know that this church was one by Sophy Gray when visiting in April 2012.  I did
make a note on our list that we saw this church but we will go back to this church and try to
see the inside as well.


  1. Dear Lu-Gerda, Your photo of St. Peter's in Plettenberg Bay is, I think, the best there is. I have written a book on my marriage, and would like to ask your kind permission to use this image inside my book. I would be happy to acknowledge the photographer. Kind regards, Thomas Scarborough.

    1. Hallo Peter, Thank you for your comment. You are welcome to use the photo in your book if you acknowledge me as photographer. It is a beautiful church. Kind regards, Lu-Gerda


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