Day 16 : Going home

This is the last post about our Switzerland holiday.  It was great to relive the holiday through the posts on my blog and to look at the photos. It was a wonderful vacation and I was glad to share it with my mom.

Our last day in Switzerland, Wednesday 20 July 2011, started early with packing and sorting.  We drank some coffee and ate breakfast before locking the apartment and walking to the tram one last time. 
We got on the tram at the Beaumont stop and rode pass Eigerplatz, Hasler, Kocherpark and Hirshengraben to Bern Bahnhof.  While writing I can hear the voice over the tram speakers announcing the different stops.  At the station we got on the train to Zurich.  It was very full but we got two seats in the upper level of the train.  The train left at 11:04.
The train stopped in Zurich and then continued to Zurich Flughafen (airport).  We had some trouble to find the correct “Check-in”.  We went to Check-in #3, then #1 only to find out we have to be at Check-in #2.  After checking in we relaxed until our flight departed at 15:35.
We were very tired when we arrived in Dubai at 23:40.  We had to wait more than 4 hours for our next flight.  We bought some snacks and found chairs to sit.  I fell asleep for a while.  When we boarded for our flight to Cape Town we got a nice surprise.  Our seats were upgraded to business class. (I can really get use to that)  We had a great flight back and I even got to sleep most of the way. It was the first time I could sleep on a plane but I don't know if it was the business class seats or the fact that I was very, very tired.
We arrived in Cape Town at 11:40 on Thursday 21 July 2011.  My uncle came to fetch us and we stayed with them for one night.  The next afternoon my sister came to fetch us and we drove the ±400km back home to Mossel Bay.


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