Day 14 : Basel (5)

Leaving the Rathaus we walked to the Puppenhausmuseum or Doll’s House Museum.  This museum has a collection of more than 6 000 dolls and doll houses over 4 floors.  We paid the entrance of CHF 7 each then took the lift to the 4th floor.

The 4th floor has the world’s largest collection of more than 2500 teddy bears.  The oldest beat is from 1904.  On another floor there are dollhouses from the 18th and 19th century.  There are miniature schools, kitchens, pharmacies and different kinds of shops.  Each dollhouse has a lot of detail.  This was really impressive.  After spending a lot of time at the dollhouses we went quickly through the rest of the museum. 

We were talking in Afrikaans while walking in the museum when a woman stopped us and asked if we are from South Africa.  Her 8-year old daughter recognized the language.  The woman was from South Africa but live in Basel (for 20 years).  It was nice to talk some Afrikaans.   After talking for a while we went to the museum shop. The shop is very expensive (Like a poscard for CHF2.50) and small (difficult to walk in if there is other poeple inside already).


We started to walk back to the train station.  We passed this interesting fountain and walked pass the Elisabethian Church.  It started to rain again and we did not go inside.

Close to the station we stopped at the “Switzerland Succoring Strasbourg” statue from 1889 by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi.  This statue was a gift from Strasbourg to Basel for their help in the Franco-Purussian War.

We walked to the station and at 16:34 our train back to Bern departed.  We bought some food at the Bern station and arrived home at about 18:00.  We spend the rest of the night at the apartment.  We started to sort and pack our luggage because our time in Switzerland was running out.
Basel Station


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