21 May 2012

Day 14 : Basel (4) : Rathaus

After spending the morning at the Basel Cathedral we walked to Markplatz and saw a pretty red building.  We did not know what it was and walked closer for a better look. 
The building was the Basel Rathaus of Town Hall and the inside was even more beautiful than the outside.  It is free to enter the courtyard and there was an English information pamphlet at the entrance.  There is not a lot to do at the Rathaus but it is beautiful and a great place to take photos.

After Basel joined the Swiss Confederation they decided to build a new town hall.  The rathaus was built in 1504 – 1514.  The oldest part is the three pointed arcades. There were a lot of extensions over the next years. The tower was added in 1899 – 1901.

The walls are decorated with painting with two themes: Law and Legislation as well as Basel’s membership of the Swiss Confederation.  
The final judgement

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