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Heidelberg : St Barnabas Anglican Church

After visiting the Dutch Reformed Church in Heidelberg we walked across the street to the St Barnabas Anglican Church.A worker opened the church for us and we quickly walked through the inside.I could not find any information about the church on the internet but here are some photos.

Walking back towards the Dutch Reformed Church we saw a monument.This monument was erected in memory of the men who died in Heidelberg during a fight in the Anglo Boer War on 13 September 1901.

Mossel Bay Monday : Fynbos Coffee Shop

One of my favourite places for a cup of coffee is The Fynbos Shoppe and Coffee Shop in 31 Marsh Street.Unfortunately I don’t go there often.The photos are from our last visit on a cold and rainy day in June 2012. The shop started was started as a gift shop and the Victorian Tea Room and was added in 2005.On a recent outing with the Mossel Bay Heritage Society I learned that the building was built about 1877 as presbytery for St Thomas Catholic Church. The tearoom has a great atmosphere and on this cold day a fire was burning to keep the room cozy.The food is good and the prizes are reasonable.And after eating I take some time to walk through the gift shop (but rarely buy because I feel the gifts are a bit expensive).
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Heidelberg Dutch Reformed Church

We visited Heidelberg in the Western Cape for the first time in December 2012.It was a warm and sunny day.After walking around in the town for a while we reached the Dutch Reformed Church.We arrived just half an hour before a funeral service and the minister said we could have a quick look inside. The town was founded when the congregation was started here in 1855 and the foundation stone for the church building was laid on 22 March 1913.
Unfortunately that is the only information I could find about this beautiful church.Here are some more pictures:


We have probably driven past this little town more than a hundred times and never turned in to have a look.Yes, we did stop at the petrol station once or twice but that does not count.So instead of a struggle with all the holidaymakers in our hometown we decided to visit Heidelberg. 
Heidelberg is a town in the Western Cape of South Africa.It is about 121km from our home in Mossel Bay and about 274km from Cape Town.

In 1716 Louis Fourie obtained grazing rights from Governor van der Stel.This led to the establishment of the Doornboom Farm and homestead in 1728.In 1855 the farm was bought from Mr. Fourie and the town was started.The town was named after Heidelberg in Germany.

The Doornboom Homestead was one of our last stops of the day.It is currently being restored and we could just view the outside.It also has a beautiful rose garden. I tried to get some more information about these old buildings on the internet but was unsuccessful.The town’s tourism website is being upgraded a…

Day 12 : End of Contiki Tour


Our next day in Europe was very relaxed.We woke early and after breakfast we got on the bus to travel back to London.It was quite a long day of sitting in the bus.We left at about 8:00 and at about 12:30 we got onto the ferry at Calais.

The trip on the ferry was not pleasant because it was windy and the water was “onstuimig”.By 14:00 we were back on the bus for the last bit of traveling before reaching London at about 16:30.The rest of the afternoon we used to visit an internet café to download photos and send e-mails to our family.We also went to buy some food.
Later that evening we met some of the other people who were on our Contiki tour for a drink at the London Pub near our hotel. It was difficult to say good buy to these wonderful people who shared an amazing vacation with us.
But we still had a few more days left in London and first on the agenda was a day at the Wimbledon Tennis Championship.
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15.Day 7: Rome Italy

Mossel Bay Monday : St Thomas Catholic Church

I realized today that I have shared very little about my hometown, Mossel Bay, on the blog.  I visited Mossel Bay regularly as a child because my grandparents lived here and it was only a 30-minute drive from George.  I started to work here in 2003 but still lived with my parents in George (about 60 km away).  Then in 2006 I moved here and it is still home I have already written about the Dias Museum Complex and about Hartenbos.This year I will try to do more posts about this beautiful little town next to the Indian Ocean.  I hope to post something each Monday or at least once a month.  So here is the first Mossel Bay Monday.

There are two dates on the outside of the building, 1885 and 1935.The oldest date, 1885, was when the French Missionary Fathers of Lyon built the little school.It was only one classroom and is now the confessional of the church. In 1905 the building was enlarged and became a church.It was enlarged again in 1935 when the towers were added. This beautiful stained-glass…

Day 11 : Notre Dame Paris France (24 June 2008)

After a busy morning in Paris with a lot of walking we took the to St Michel and walked to the Notre Dame Cathedral.

The outside of the cathedral is beautiful.Construction of the cathedral started in 1163 and it was completed in 1345.The building is 128m long and it has two 69m high towers.It was very busy outside the cathedral and inside it was calm and peaceful (even with many people inside).The inside was also beautiful with pretty windows like the rose window from the 13th century.

After the visit to the cathedral we went back to the hotel to rest and get ready for our dinner and show.We left the hotel at about 18:15 and the bus took us to Nouvelle Eve Cabaret Show.We had a very nice dinner and a great show including a lot of singing and dancing.Although the evening was very expensive it was worth it and I am very glad we decided to go. It was the last night of our Contiki tour and after the show ended at about 22:00 we met the rest of the group at O’Sullivans for drinks.We had a gre…