10 November 2017

Kontrei Padstal

I cannot believe that I have never written about Kontrei Padstal on the blog.  This is one of our favourite places for a breakfast or lunch in the George area.  This restaurant can be found on the N2 out of George in the direction of Wildernis/Knysna at the Sasol Fuel station.

We love the breakfast with great coffee and homemade bread.  And we also love the Sunday lunch…a homemade plate with a cooked meal like my grandmother would have made for us.  Usually this meal includes two meats, 2 vegetables, potatoes and rice.  And best of all is the prices are very reasonable.

Outside they have a lovely play area for kids.  The area can only be accessed through a door from the restaurant and it is surrounded by fences.  This area includes a jungle gym with a slide and swings.  On the one side of the jungle gym is a steering wheel, key and gear lever.  JW loves to “drive” in this car.  And usually his grandfather has to climb in and “drive” with him. There is also a jumping castle.

Inside is also a small toddler play area with a ball pool and black board for drawing.

Sundays can be very busy… especially if you arrive just after the church service that is held across the street has just finished.  But we most times we get seated quickly and the service is good.

A part of the restaurant is also a shop selling homemade items like jams, honey, soaps, cream and small gifts.


Address:                      N2 Kraaibosch, At Sasol Fuel Station, George                     
Tel no:                         +27 44 889 0097        
Website:                      http://kontreipadstal.co.za/     
E-mail:                         info@kontreipadstal.co.za     

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27 October 2017

There is no Fragrance Route in Great Brak

On 24 September it was Heritage day in South Africa.  My husband and I decided to take our cameras and go for a drive.  Great Brak River is about 25 km from our home in Mossel Bay.  I found a leaflet about Great Brak River at the Mossel Bay Tourism office with a bit of detail about the “Fragrance Route”.  Since we love to take photos of flowers, we decided to drive this route.  (There should be lots of flowers on a fragrance route…or so we thought)

The following picture shows the description of the fragrance route.  This is an extract out of the Great Brak River leaflet: 

What we experienced on our drive:

Firstly we could not find the Fragrance route.  We followed the vague map that was on the leaflet but nowhere along the route were any signs to give information or directions.

Secondly, there were almost no flowers along the route…or what we thought is the route.  It is a gravel road that was under construction.  All the plants next to the road were covered with dust and no flowers.  No lavender. No Fynbos.  No Proteas. No flowers.

We drove through Friedersheim and still saw no flowers.  September is the start of Spring and we definitely expected to see some flowers.  I know that there is a drought in the Western Cape but still we expected a few flowers.

While looking through our photos to select some for this post I found that we took photos of three flowers on the whole drive.

While we did enjoy the drive and JW loved seeing the horses and animals along the route we felt cheated by the information in the leaflet. 

There is no fragrance Route in Great Brak River. 

This is a marketing scam from the tourist office.  The only fragrance we smelled was dust.  

15 October 2017

Mont Marie Restaurant - Breakfast with view

On the last day of our weekend in Stellenbosch in August 2017 my sister wanted to treat us for a breakfast.  But we had a slow start and getting everybody ready took a while.


We drove to Mont Marie Restaurant and although we did not have a reservation we got a table outside next to the kids play area. It was a lovely sunny day with blue skies and a great day to be outside.  And we weren’t the only people who thought so…the restaurant was busy with lots of kids paying outside and even more adults enjoying a drink or meal at the tables.


The restaurant has a beautiful view of the mountains (Even after studying for 4 years n Stellenbosch I still cannot remember the names of the mountains around the town) and a dam.

The play area for the kids is not very big but there are various things for kids to do.  There are swings, a sandpit with lots of tractors and other toys to play in the sand, interesting jungle gyms and a slide. There is also some lawn to run on and some small tables and chairs for kids to eat.  (When we visited these were a few of the broken ropes on some swings and one of the jungle gyms.)


JW enjoyed the jungle gyms and slides.  It rained a little bit the previous night and JW and some girls plays in the sandpit making mud with the water they found in a bucket. The play area has a fence around it and gates to keep kids save.  I was a bit worried that JW will try to climb over the fence to get to the dam.

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Between the 4 of us we ordered 4 different breakfasts and all of them were great.  The coffee was also delicious.



Address:                      Blaauklippen Road, Stellenbosch
Tel no:                         +27 79 687 2112
E-mail:                          info@montmarie.co.za
Website:                      www.montmarie.co.za
Trading Hours:            Mondays, Tuesday               Closed                        
Wednesday                            08:30 -15:00
Thursday                                08:30 -15:00 & 18:30 -21:00
Friday                                      08:30 -15:00 & 18:30 -21:00
Saturday                                 08:30 -15:00 & 18:30 -21:00
Sunday                                   08:30 -15:00

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29 September 2017

Eaglevlei Play Park

In August 2017 we went to Stellenbosch for a weekend for a friend’s birthday and to visit my sister.  On a rainy Saturday my sister wanted to treat my 3-year old son JW with a fun outing.  We found a few options from our Google search and decided to try Eaglevlei. 

According to the Eaglevlei website they have One of the largest indoor play park areas for children in the Western Cape” and it is definitely the biggest play area I have seen.  The play area is divided in two sections.....One is for toddlers from 1 to 3 year and the other for children from 3 to 12 years old.  JW was lucky that he could play in both areas. 

The toddler area is very nice.  There is a huge pool with balls and JW spent a lot of time here diving into the balls.  He also liked hanging on the swinging balls.

The other area has a huge jungle gym with three levels. There are different obstacles to climb, lots of slides and tunnels.  Then JW discovered an area with wind blowing from pipes and is you put a ball above the wind it floats.  He spent a lot of time here playing and learning (the ball does not float is he covers the pipe with his hand).


It was very busy and I did not feel comfortable to leave JW alone in this big play area and go to the restaurant.  There is no control over who can take kids out of the play area and kids may also leave on their own.  I felt better while I could see where JW was playing.  Maybe is he was a bit older I would leave him to play while we eat in the restaurant.

After a while JW and I joined my mom and husband in the restaurant for a nice lunch.  After lunch we went back to the play park and JW played for another 30 minutes before we went home.

We all enjoyed the outing and will definitely visit again.



Address:                      Eaglevlei Wine Farm on the R101 Klapmuts, Stellenbosch
Tel no:                         +27 21 884 4713
Website:                      http://eaglevlei.com/playpark/
Entrance Fee:             0 - 3 years       R50  
                                    4 – 12 years    R80
Trading Hours:            Tuesday to Thursday           09:00 – 17:00
                                    Fridays                                   09:00 – 19:00
                                    Saturdays                              08:00 – 19:00
                                    Sundays                                 08:00 – 17:00

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15 September 2017

6th Avenue Self Catering Apartment

Soon after we got married, mu husband and I decided we want to buy our own home.  We started to look around and then heard of a house on sale.  At first we were not sure but then decided to make a offer.  It was a bit more than we planned to pay but the house was bigger and the view amazing.

In February 2013 we moved in to our new home.  Adjoined to the house was a 2 bedroom apartment.  The previous owner used it when his family came to visit.  After we settled in the house we decided to rent out the apartment for extra income.  With the help of my father-in-law we made some changes and updates to the apartment and in April 2014 our first (and only) tenants moved in. 

At this time I was about 4 month pregnant with our son and we found out my husband had cancer.  It was a rough couple of months but at least we were happy with the tenants.  This did not last very long.  One of the tenants was in a accident and she could not work for a long time and then they stopped paying the rent.

We did not know what to do.  We had sympathy with them because after his diagnose my husband could also not work and money was tight.  Eventually after months of giving them chance to pay we asked them to move out in January 2015.

The next 18 months we could no decide what to do with the apartment.  We were scared to get new tenants and loose money again.  There was a bed and we used it when family visited but we did not have enough furniture in the apartment to use it for anything else.  

Eventually we made the decision to rent the apartment out for holiday accommodation.  We had to spend some money to furnish the apartment and then started the process listing the apartment on Airbnb.  I had no idea what I was doing but in November 2016 our apartment was listed and we received our first bookings.

Before each new arrival I was nervous.  Would they be happy with the apartment?  Would they look after the furniture etc that we had to buy or borrow (and could not afford to replace if broken/stolen)?  Would they be noisy or irritate us?

In the end we had great guest from December to March.  We had guest from South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, RĂ©union Island and more.  They took good care of our apartment and enjoyed there stay in Mossel Bay.

During the winter months we did not receive a lot of bookings and decided to also add out apartment t a few other booking sites and do some online marketing.  We are very happy with our decision and hope to have many more guests in the future.

6th Avenue Self Catering Apartment is a 2 bedroom apartment
adjoining our home in Mossel Bay, South Africa. 

The apartment has beautiful views of the ocean and Mossel Bay.
  It is about 1 kilometer from Santos Beach and 1 kilometer
 from the Dias Museum Complex, shops and restaurants.

We offer accommodation for maximum 4 people in 2 bedrooms
 (1 double and 2 single beds).  The apartment has a small
 living area and open plan kitchen.  The kitchen includes a 
small stove and oven, microwave oven and basic cooking
utensils.  The living area has a television but no satellite TV
 is available at the moment.

Free parking is available for 1 vehicle on the site behind a closed gate.

If you would like to book our apartment you can use the followings sites 
or send a e-mail to lugerda@gmail.com.

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