10 years since my first time in Europe

On 12 June 2008, feeling excited and very nervous, I got on a bus in Mossel Bay with my friend Lelanie for my first trip outside of South-Africa.I cannot believe that 10 years have passed since that day.
The trip started with a lot of travelling…first the bus ride to Cape Town and then two flights…Cape Town to Dubai and Dubai to London. It was my first time on an airplane and by the end of the second flight I was so tired…of sitting and not being able to sleep and of all the excitement and nerves.By the time we arrived at the hotel I was so relieved that everything worked out and that we were at the right place.  After exploring a little bit we went to bed early, very early to rest before the real adventures began.
The first part of our trip was a Contiki Tour to explore the highlights of Europe. The Contiki Tour began and ended in Londen and we decided to stay in London a few more days to explore before returning to South Africa.
The next 12 days were packed with new experiences, seeing…

Diaz Express Shuttle trip

I cannot believe it is June already.  What happened to April and May? It is almost time for the July school holiday and I want to write about the Dias Express trip I took with my son JW on during the previous holiday in April 2018.

The Dias Express is a railway experience between Mossel Bay an George.  There are different excursions available.  The regular excursions depart Mossel Bay in the morning 9:30 and returns at 15:30 in the afternoon. I went on the Maalgate Lunch Excursion with my work in 2015 and loved it.  But a lunch trip would be too long for my son (who still takes a nap in the afternoon).  During school holidays the Dias Express has a Shuttle trip between Mossel Bay and Hartenbos.  The trip takes about 30 minutes one way and was the perfect way to treat my son with a ride on a “train”.  
It was easy to book our tickets on the website and I pay with an EFT.  The cost for the shuttle trip is R 40 per person for a one way ticket and kids under 5, sitting on laps, gets a free …

Our favourite kids things to do at the Point

We live in Mossel Bay, a small town next to the ocean.  The town is still mainly a summer holiday destination when thousands of people come here to spend time in the ocean.
The point area is about 2 kilometres from our house and one of our favourite places to go for a quick outing after work or during weekends.  Almost daily, when I get home from work, my son JW asks if we can drive around the Point.
Here are some of our favourite things we do around the Point area:
Swimming in the Paddling Pool This is one of my son’s favourite activities…in summer, spring and autumn…and even on a warm winter’s day.  The Paddling Pool is a tidal pool. In the summer we usually go to the Point early in the morning (between 8 and 9 am) to swim and return home by 10am.  We do this to avoid the harsh sun later in the day but mainly because there are less people.  The water is cold and refreshing and there is more parking.  The paddling pool is not very deep and the shallow water is very nice for kids to play.…

Dias Museum

It is wonderful what kids can remember.I only took my son for one visit to the DiasMuseum in January 2017and every time we drive is the direction of the museum he asks if he can go to the boat.After another request from him in December 2017 I decided it was time for a second visit to the museum.
The entrance fee to visit the museum complex was R 20 for an adult or for R 40 per adult you can enter the museum and go on the replica of the carvel. For children under 18 the fee is R 5 or R 10.I think children under 6 years can enter for free. My son, JW was 3 year old and I did not pay for him.
The main attractions of the museum for my son, JW is climbing on the boat. But if we start our visit by climbing on the boat he will never understand why he can’t go back to climb on the boat again. So we start by taking a walk through the garden towards the Shell museum and saved the carvel for almost last.
The Shell Museum is in the “Shirley building” that was built in 1902.JW loves the aquariums wit…


The type of places I write about on this blog has really changed.If I look back the posts of 4 years ago they were about my trips to Europe and Switzerland and our honeymoon through the Eastern Cape.Now most of the posts are about the places I visit with my 3-year old son.
But today I am writing about a grown-up outing to Botlierskop Private Game Reserve.My husband and I were treated to a night at Botlierskop in January for a friend’s 40th birthday.
Botlierskop Private Game Reserve is a Little Brak River, about 22 kilometres from our home.Just outside of Little Brak we turned off of the tar road onto a gravel road.This road was not in a good condition but we soon arrived at the entrance.

Once inside we met our guide or host for the 2 days.He gave us a quick tour of the Main Lodge and we completed all the paper work.Then another guide took us to our tent with a golf cart.
We stayed in one of the Luxury tents close to the Moordkuil River. This was definitely not the kind of accommodation we…

Blasters Mossel Bay

As I wrote in my post about our favourite kids outings in Mossel Bay, I don’t know why we have not been to Blaster yet and in January we changed this.
It was a rainy Saturday morning when I took my 3-year old son JW to Blasters in Mossel Bay.We found parking easily and went inside.I paid the entrance fee of R30 (for 3 hours) and completed the form for JW to play and he could not wait to start playing. Within seconds of telling him “Go play” he was climbing to the slide.
Blasters is a family restaurant with a great play area for kids.

There is the great indoor play area for kids from 1 -12 years.  The jungle gym has three levels, slides and lots of interesting things to do with soft balls like machines that blows wind and then the balls blows out at the top.  These “blasting” machines kept JW busy for a long time.
There are lots of tables and benches for parents to sit. I found a table and ordered a coffee for me and cool drink for JW. It was very busy (I blame the rain outside) but there…

Dias & Port Festival 2018

On 3 February 1488, St. Blaise’s day,Bartolomeu Dias landed at Mossel Bay, which Dias named Aguada de São Bras (St. Blaise’s Watering Place).
The first Dias Festival I attended was in 1988 for the celebration of the 500th anniversary of Dias’ landing.During the weekend of 1 to 4 February 2018 it was once again time for the Dias & Port Festival.This year the festival was expanded to include two festival grounds…Santos and the harbour. Dias Festival @ Santos
On Saturday morning I took my son JW to the festival ground at Santos.Entrance to the festival ground and all the shows were free.JW had no interest to sit down and watch a show.He just wanted to explore and play.We walked through a lot of stalls selling toys, clothes, food, etc and then reached the play ground.
JW ran to the nearest ride and I had to quickly stop him.After catching him we went to buy tokens.The tokens for the rides were R10 per token.Luckily for me most of the rides for the young children were only 1 token per ride…