Day 13 : Thun

After visiting some museums in Bern we spent a couple of hours at Sonja’s apartment.  We ate lunch and watched the Tour de France with German commentary.  Mom took a nap and I watched the only English channel we could find on the TV, CNN. 

Ariane invited us to have dinner with them and her parents in Thun.  At about 17:00 we started to get ready and at 18:04 we were on the train to Thun.  It takes about 30 minutes to get there and Erik and Res came to get us.  We went to the restaurant, Alpha Thun, and Ariane and her mom met us there.

 We had a very nice dinner.  Erik and Ariane had salad while Mom and I decided to eat chicken and vegetables.  We ate waffle and ice cream for desert.
After dinner we walked to the Thun Lake.  It has stopped raining but the wind was cold.  We saw the lake with lights from the buildings around it and the Niesen Mountain we went up with earlier in our trip.  We walked with a bridge to an island in the lake for a better view.
We went back to the station after the walk but were just to late for the train.  We had to wait 20 minutes for the next one.  At 22:04 our train left Thun and arrived in Bern at 22:26.  After another long day the walk to Sonja’s apartment felt very long.  We went straight to bed to rest for our trip to Basel the next day.


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