Day 6 : Lauchernalp

After a busy week Sunday 10 July 2011 was our rest day.   We took our time getting up and had a relaxing morning at the chalet.  My mom and I went for a little walk in the villiage and surroundings.  We took some photos of the mountains an glacier. Back at the chalet we had to pack and clean before leaving for Thun.

Some photo’s of Lauchernalp:


Gondola coming up to Lauchernalp


Bietschhorn 3934m high
At 13:10 we walked with all our luggage to the gondola.  It was up a hill and we were out of breath when we reached the gondola.  We went down to Wiler and from Wiler we took the bus to Goppenstein
14:01 we left on the train from Goppenstein to Thun.  Ariane’s stepdad (R) picked us up at the station. After struggeling to fit all the bags in the car, we drove to their apartment.  They have a lovely apartment with a very nice view of the Stockhorn mountain. 
View of mountains in Thun
We continued with our rest day.  I wrote a postcard and then we watched some Tour de France.  It was nice to visit with Ariane’s mom (V) and R but it was difficult with the different languages.

18:00 Ariane’s sister and boyfriend arrived for a fantastic dinner.
  • Tamato soup
  • Barbaqued pork chops, chicken with different salads
  • Pumpkinseed cake and coffee
They left about 21:00. Erik and Ariane also had to leave because there weren’t enough beds for all of us.  We sat on the balcony and enjoyed the view. R showed us some of his photo’s from their holiday in South Africa before we said good night.


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