Day 3 : St Moritz

It was raining when we woke on 7 July 2011 in Bever on the third day of our Switzerland holiday.  We were lazy but got up early because we had a full day ahead.  First we had a breakfast and went to pay for our stay.  At about 8:20 we walked to the station. The train we took stopped at the Samedon station.  We waited inside and it was almost to late when we realized we have to change to another train.  Grabbing our bags we quickly changed trains and rode the rest of the way to St Moritz.

At St Moritz we once again got a map and some information.  We decided against the bus and started to walk to the town.  The town is on a hill next to the lake.  Luckily the lady at information gave us directions to walk through a parking garage and to use the escalators to get to the top.

We did not plan to visit any museums but instead had a nice walk through the town. We saw the Rathaus, church, library and other beautiful buildings.  The old part of the town is car free and it is nice to walk around. The windows and sidewalks were once again filled with pretty flowers.  It was still raining but we were dressed in our raincoats and just enjoyed being in a new place.
I wanted to buy some stamps for postcards, but we could not find the post office.  Instead we went to a souvenirs shop to look for gifts and they sold stamps.  I was very excited because I wrote a postcard for Hardus the previous night and wanted to send it.

St MoritzChurch, Switzerland
We walked pass more shops on our way back to the station. St Moritz is definitely a playground for the rich.  There are many designer shops and grand hotels like the Palace Hotel.
Our last stop was at a very nice look out point with a great view of the Moritzsee and the two parts of St Moritz next to it.  We spend some time to take photos of each other while the rain kept falling.  We walked back to the train station.  We had a long trip planned to Lugano for the rest of the day.  This 4-hour trip would start on a train, then change to bus and end with another train trip. But more about that next time.


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