Day 2 : Bever

We left Chur at 14:00 and traveled through the mountains to a little town called Bever in the Engadine Valley.  This was a stunning train ride over bridges and through tunnels with the high mountains and rivers next to the train.  Then there are also the little towns along the way each with a beautiful church and tower (Some are high up in the mountains).  It was raining most of the way and we were glad to be in the train enjoying the view.

We arrived in St Moritz at about 16:00.  We had to wait a bit and then got the connecting train to Bever.  At the Bever station we got a map and a pamphlet for a walking tour.  We then walked about 200m to Pension Korsonek (our hotel).  We had a comfortable room and were happy to relax for a while.

Bever Train station, Switzerland
Bahnhof Bever
A bit later we used the pamphlet for the walking tour. Unfortunately the information was in Swiss German and we could not read it.  Luckily we could read the map and found the buildings.  

Chesa Michel

Church, Bever, Switzerland
Evangelische Kirche (1665/1667)

Bever is a small town and although the walking tour looks like a lot of walking on paper, all 15 buildings were quite close together.  It took about an hour to walk and take pictures of all the buildings in the tour.  There were few cars, but many people on bikes drove past.  It was still raining, but not enough to bother us.
Villa Zamboni (1543)

Chesa Salis
The houses were pretty.  It was in a different style than the houses in South Africa. I don’t know what they call it.  Especially the doors were very interesting.  It looked like big doors with smaller doors inside. 

Pension Korsonek
We stopped at a shop across of the hotel for some food before returning to the hotel for the night. Buying food at supermarkets like Migros or Coop saved us a lot of money, as restaurants are very expensive. 

I really enjoyed Bever.  When I booked the hotel I was not sure if it was a good choice. But the price was good and Ariane (my Swiss sister-in-law) told us that a trip to the Engadine Valley would be pretty.  I was glad we decided to go.  The train ride to Bever was amazing.  Can’t even begin to think how the pass was built.  I also like staying in small towns for a few nights on a trip like this.  It is a nice change of pace from all the touristy cities and gives me time to relax and prepare for the next part of a trip.


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