Breakfast at Delfino's

I interrupt my posts about our Swiss Holiday for something more recent.  Saturday was the Husband’s birthday and we went for a breakfast at Delfino’s.  The restaurant is at the Point in Mossel Bay.  It was perfect weather and we decided to sit outside.
I was surprised at how busy it was.  Each of us ate a tramezzini and had some coffee.  We had to wait quite a while for our food but the view is so beautiful that we did not mind.  The tramezzini was nice (but not the best I have ever had) and the coffee was great.  
Our timing was perfect because the wind started blowing just as we finished our food.  It was a lovely morning. We spend most weekends running around to do all the tasks we don’t get time for in the week. We will definitely try to do more relaxing things on weekends and to enjoy our lovely town.

Defino’s Restaurant
Address:                       Point Road, Mossel Bay, South Africa
Phone no:                     +27 44 690 5247
Fax no:                         +27 44 690 5247

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