PE : Donkin Heritage Trail

The information center at the Donkin Reserve and Lighthouse sells a booklet at for R30 called “The Donkin Heritage Trail & Richmond Hill Trail”. 
The Donkin Heritage Trail is a walking tour and includes 51 historical sights in Port Elizabeth.  It is best to do the trail in a group.  I am not sure what the distance is but the duration of the trail depends on your own pace.  It can be shortened by leaving out some of the sights or by driving parts of the route by car. 

We did not walk very fast and went inside some of the buildings, museums and churches.  We also tried to read the information about each site while visiting and took a lot of photos.  We started at about 9:00 and when we reach sight no 37 at about 14:00 my camera’s battery died.  We then decided to have a relaxing afternoon and continue with the rest of the walking tour on the next day. We started at 9:00 the next day and finished at about 11:30.

This was a great way to see most of the historical sight in Port Elizabeth.  The book has lots of information about each place and includes a map of the route.  The route is also marked with blue lines on the pavement but it is not maintained and at some places no lines are visible.

Here are pictures of some of the sights.  I will write in more detail about some of the sights in my next few posts.
Drill Hall

Fort Frederick

Castle Hill Houses

The Cenotaph
The Horse Memorial
Donkin Visitor Information Centre
Address:                       Donkin Reserve Lighthouse Building, Belmont Terrace, Port Elizabeth
Phone no:                     +27 41 585 8884
Visiting Hours:              Monday – Friday:             08:00 - 16:30
                                      Saturday - Sunday:           09:30 - 15:30
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