Meeting the Famous at Madame Tussauds (28 June 2008)

After a busy morning at Westminster Abbey and London Eye we went to Madame Tussauds for a different type of sightseeing.
We did not know what to expect but was very excited.  We walked into a big room full of people.  Most were busy taking photos.  We were nervous to take our first photos.  “Is that a real person or one of the wax figures?” Lelanie asked me.  I was not sure. 

We walked around and started to recognize the wax celebrities.  We started posing for photos
with them.  Soon we got more comfortable and were getting closer to them.
We walked from room to room with big smiles on our faces.  It was great fun.

The ticket to enter was expensive.  We were inside for about 3 hours and could easily spend another hour walking around. It was worth every cent.

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  1. Just stumbled onto your blog from Gaelyn's and notice you have my two blogs in your sidebar. Now I'm trying to think if I've visited you before and why I'm not following your blog if I have. But I have added you to my Firefly Photo Files sidebar and will visit more often.

    Interesting how the wax figures shine in the camera's flash

    1. Hi, I have been following your blogs for about a year and I think you visited mine and left comments last year. Thanks for adding my blog to your side bar. I enjoy your blog and get great travel ideas from it.

  2. Loving your 2008 Europe trip!
    I recently went to Madame Tussauds and really enjoyed it as well. It really is worth the admission and it exceeded my expectations. It is funny how you get braver and braver around the wax figures and how fun it is to get photos with them. I got caught up in the fun of it all and I am not usually one who enjoys getting my picture taken. Loved your pics and post!

    1. Thanks Gina,
      Yes it is strange how we got more comfortable to around the wax figures. Some of the best photos of me during the trip were taken on this visit. We could not help the smiles. It was just good fun.


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