Grahamstown : Rhodes University

After walking around in the Artisan Quarters we drove to the Rhodes University and walked on the campus.  I was very surprised at how neat and pretty it was.  We also enjoyed all the historical buildings we found on the campus.

Rhodes was founded in 1904 and was named after Cecil John Rhodes.  The university bought the Drostdy building from the British Government and in the beginning of 1905 the university moved in.
Drosdy Gateway
Drosdy Bell
The Drosdy Gateway was designed by major C.J. Selwyn in 1835 and built by the Royal Engineers in 1842.  It was the entrance to the military establishment on the unused Drosdy grounds and now the Rhodes University.  The wooden posts on the sides of the entrance were to protect the walls from damage when carriages entered the gate. Behind one of the walls of the gate is a information board about the gate and the Drosdy Bell.  This bell used to be at the top of the gateway,  From 1842 until 1912 it was used to signal the 9 o’clock curfew.

We walked from the Drosdy gate towards the main administrative building.  It is a beautiful building with its clock tower.  While walking around the campus we found these interesting buildings.  Some of them are National Heritage sites.

Old Drosdy Lodge , Now the Department of Mathematics
Old Military Hospital, Now the Department of Botany
This was originally a military hospital but used for the sittings of the house of assembly when the Cape parliament met in Grahamstown in 1864.

Old Drostdy Barracks, Now the Department
of English Language
Jameson House
Lilian Britten House
 Lillian Britten House was the first purpose-built sanatorium in Grahamstown and is now part of housing for students of Rhodes.


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