Day 14 : Basel (3)

After spending time in the Basel Munster and cloisters we went to sit at the Rhine Terrace behind the cathedral to eat and enjoy the view of Klein Basel and the Rhine river.  We saw a ferry on Rhine River.  It is attached by a cable to a block that rides along another cable spanning the river at a height of 20 or 30 meters. To cross the river, the ferryman orients the boat around 45° from the current so that the current pushes the boat across the river.

We left musterplatz and walked with some old streets to Marktplatz.  We walked past university buildings, fountains and other beautiful old buildings.


We turned into a small side street and fount this pretty fountain and church.  We walked back to try and go around to the front of the church but ended in Marktplatz.  From the square we had to climb a lot of stairs to get back to the church.  When we reached the church it was closed for maintenance and we had to settle for a picture of the beautiful tower.


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