Day 14 : Basel (2) : Cloisters

After walking through the Basel Cathedral we went outside to see the beautiful cloisters and the outside of the cathedral.

The oldest part of the cloisters is in the Romanesque style but mostly it is Gothic.  It was used for processions in the middle ages and as graveyard until 1861.  The memorial tablets range over five centuries.  The damaged Utenheim memorial with the crucifixion scene is one of the oldest.

The cloisters are quiet and peaceful.  We enjoyed looking at the old memorial tablets along the walls in the tranquility of the cloisters.
Damaged Utenheim memorial from 1501
From the cloisters there is a great view of the towers and the green roof tiles of the cathedral.
St George Tower and St Martin Tower
The pillars of the choir’s windows are decorated with animals.

 The St Gall doorway from 1180 shows the end of the world as in Matthew 25.  In the center is Christ, the judge with the book of life and Peter and Paul. Beneath this are the wise and foolish virgins with their lamps.  The rose window represents the wheel of fortune.


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