Year in review : 2014

I can not believe that the time flies so fast. We are again in the middle of January. I have neglected the blog in 2014 (Only 2 posts). I hope that there will be more time to travel and more blog posts in 2015.

Here is a summary of the things that happened in my 2014 year:

I actually have to start at the end of 2013. In November 2013 we found out I was pregnant and was very excited. In December, however, I encountered some problems and was placed on bed rest for 3 weeks . So our plans for a Christmas break in Cape Town was cancelled and we had a quiet time had at home.

The 2014 year started good.  I was feeling better and we even went on a day trip to Herbertsdale and Van Wyksdorp.  
January 2014 - Van Wyksdorp NG Church
February and March were quiet months. We started to prepare the baby's room. We also fixed the apartment at our house to rent out. But during this time my husband started suffering from a sore and stiff upper body, especially his shoulder and lower back.  We thought he had hurt himself while he coached rugby at school. He went to our doctor and the physiotherapist and nothing helped the pain.
April 2014 - 5 Months pregnant
June 2014 - The baby's room
In April, he began struggling with his lungs and went to a physician for a thorough examination. The next day he was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and the physician began to do tests. His entire body was scanned and a lot of blood tests were done. He was diagnosed with cancer - Multiple myloma - and the roller-coaster started.  He immediately had to stop working and treatment started.
  • 10 days in hospital in George for the pneumonia
  • 10 radiation sessions in Cape Town (it took three weeks to compete due to all the public holidays in April and May)
  • 5 cycles of chemo therapy

In July, during the 3rd cycle of chemo, it was my turn to go to hospital.  Our baby decided not to turn and was born with a caesarean section on 29 July 2014.  He is perfect and after 3 days in hospital we could go home for 4 months of maternity leave.
29 July 2014
In October H went to see yet another doctor.  This time it was a haematologist and after some more blood tests we heard that he can get a bone marrow transplant.  This happened in the same month that I needed to start work again.  

The bone marrow transplant was done in Cape Town.  In total he was in Cape Town for 2 months and we could only visit once while he was in isolation in the hospital.  This was a very difficult time for us but especially for my husband.  (He still has not told me a lot of the details of his time in isolation and the pain of the treatment.)
November 2014 - Bone marrow transplant

He was discharged from hospital on 23 November 2014 but still has weekly treatment at the hospital in Cape Town.  Every week the blood tests are good but there is still a long road before he is healthy and can go back to work. 

We missed Christmas in Cape Town in 2013 but ended 2014 with the family plus one for Christmas in a warm Cape Town.
December 2014 - Family Christmas

December 2014 - Houtbaai
Thank you to our whole family for all your support and love during this year.  We appreciate every little thing that you did for us from carrying buckets of water for the baby bath to the financial and emotional help.  We love all of you.
December 2014 - Going home after the holiday


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