Hello.  It has been a long time since my last post  on the blog.  The last few months were busy.  We were busy getting everything ready for the arrival of our baby.  He was born at the end of July and since then taking care of him was my full time job.  I still have 2 months left of my maternity leave and intend to enjoy every minute with my son.

As I wrote in the post in May 2014, my husband has cancer.  This has also kept us busy.  He is currently busy with his 5th cycle of chemo and at the end of October he will get a bone marrow transplant.  His doctor is happy with his progress.

But this is a travel blog.  We did not travel the last few months but I still have some posts left about places we visited earlier.

We had a very nice December holiday.  We spend it at home in Mossel Bay.  The town was very busy with many people who came here for their holidays.  The weather was also perfect for everybody who came to enjoy the ocean. It was very warm.  My sister and parents came for visits but mostly we just relaxed at home.

When our holiday was almost over we decided to take a drive to Herbertsdale on a Sunday morning.  Herbertsdale is a small town about 50 km from Mossel Bay.  I did not take long to get there and it was a nice drive.

The town was established in 1865 and was named after James Benton Herbert who owned a part of the farm.  We stopped to take some pictures of the pretty Dutch Reformed Church.


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