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Swellendam Museums
With our love for history it was natural that we would start our day in Swellendam with a visit to the town’s museum.  This museum really surprised me. 
Swellendam Museums
Swellendam Museums
Firstly I could not believe that the museum was open on Saturday and public holiday.  We find that most museums in small towns are not open on weekends or if they are open it is only for a very short time.  The Drosdy Museum Complex was open on Saturday from 10:00 to 14:45.  (And when we passed the museum on Sunday it was open again.)
Swellendam Museums
Swellendam Museums
The museum is also very good value for money.  The entrance fee was R25 and included entrance to all the museum’s historical buildings: the Drosdy, the Old Goal and Ambagswerf and Mayville House. Then there is also the friendly staff that told us more about the buildings, the history and what to see.
Swellendam Museums
Swellendam Museums
We arrived at the Drosdy building just after 10:00.  It was built in 1747 as the seat of the Swellendam Magistrate and official residence.  It was sold to the Steyn family in 1855 and was bought back from them in 1939 to start the museum. 
Swellendam Museums
Swellendam Museums
The original T shaped buildings was enlarged and renovated in 1the early 1800’s and is now an H shape. We walked through the parlour, dining room, bedrooms, kitchen and offices.  Husband really enjoyed all the old maps that were on display in one of the long halls.
Swellendam Museums
We also walked to two outbuildings.  One has a small exhibit about slaves in Swellendam and the other has old wagons and stagecoach.  Then it was time to walked to the second building, The Old Goal.

Drosdy Museum
Address:                       18 Swellengrebel Street, Swellendam
Tel no:                          +27 28 514 1138          
Website:                       http://www.drostdymuseum.com  
Entrance Fee:                R25.00
Visiting Hours:               Monday – Friday:               09:00-16:30
                                    Saturday - Sunday:            10:00-14:45
                                    Public Holidays:                 10:00-14:45
                                    (Closed Good Friday, 25 & 26 Dec & 1 Jan)

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  1. This used to be one of my Garden Route stops when I was still a tourist guide but haven't been for years.


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