Day 11 : Luzerne (5) : The Lord is My Shepherd

After our walk on the Musegg wall we crossed the Reuss River on the Spreuer or Mill Bridge.  This bridge built in 1408 has paintings under the roof called “The Dance of Death” and a chapel in the center.

Spreuer Bridge
The Dance of Death paintings
Chapel on Spreuer Bridge
After crossing the bridge we got lost for a while.  We just could not get the correct street and the buildings we wanted to see.  When we reached the Franziskaner Kirche we gave up and decided to just sit and rest for a while. 
After resting and taking a good look at the map we walked further.  Finally we knew where we were going.  We got to the Jesuit Kirche at about 15:15.  Next to the church were statues of a shepherd and sheep.  Each night of our trip we read a part of a book about Psalm 23: The Lord is My Shepherd and finding this statue next to the church was very special for us.


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