Day 11 – Luzerne (4) Museggmauer

We are am back from our honeymoon.  We had a great holiday in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and visited some beautiful churches, old buildings and interesting places.  But more about that later.  I still need to post about the last few days in Switzerland in 2011.

On 15 July 2011 we were in Lucerne and was busy with a self guided walking tour from a map.  We walked through busy streets with lots of small shops.  We passed the Matthäuskirche and up a steep hill to get to the Musegg wall.
Musegg Wall
The Museggmauer is a part of the original city fortifications of Lucerne.  It is about 850m long and nine towers built in the 14th century still survive.  We walked to the Schirmerturm for the wall walk.  We climbed to the top of the wall with stairs at the Schirmerturm and then walk on the wall past the Zytturm (Clock tower) to Wachturm. 
It was a bit scary to walk on a wall that is more than 700 years old.  The view from the wall was amazing.  We could see over the buildings of Lucerne towards the river and lake. 

At the Wachturm we climbed down a lot of steep stairs and ended at the back of the wall.  We continued to walk at the back to the wall towards the river.
These guys were in a camp at the back of the wall.  Mom was joking that I must hide my red backpack but they were to lazy.  We walked down with a steep path towards the river.
Mom on the path next to the Musegg wall
We walked pass the Männliturm or Little Man Tower.  This tower is 33 meters high and got its name from the little iron man on the top.
Männliturm or Little Man Tower

The tower walk ended at the Nölli Tower, next to the river. The Nölli tower was built in 1513 and is 28 meters tall.

Nölli Tower
Reuss River



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