George Wildlife Park

The George Wildlife and Animal Park opened on 16 December 2017.  I visited the park on a very warm Saturday in January 2018 with my parents and 3-year old son JW.  The entrance fee was R 20 per adult and JW could enter for free.

JW did not want to wait for me to buy the tickets.  He could see the jungle gym and just wanted to get inside to start climbing.  The park has a lovely play area for kids.  There is a big jungle gym to climb with monkey bars and swings and slides. JW was in heaven and could not decide where to start.  He is still too small for some of the equipment and I had to help him but he tried everything.

There is a large grass area with lots of tables under trees or umbrellas to sit.  Between the tables are lots of wooden animals for the kids to play on.  There is a pond with ducks and beautiful water lilies. 

After playing for a while we walked to see the farm animals.  We saw pigs, bunnies, chickens, geese, a pony and some goats.  Visitors may not touch the animals but they can buy food at the shop to give to the animals.  There are different packages of food for the different animals.

Next to the goats enclosure is some wooden car tables with wheels and a steering wheel and JW had a lot of fun “driving”. 

Next we walked to the enclosures for the cats. The park is home to two Bengal tigers, two cheetahs, two serval cats (tierboskat) and two caracals (rooikatte).  It was very warm and most of the cats were lazy and just lying in the shade. 

By this time we were warm and headed bank to the tables.  I went to buy cool drink from the Braai area shop.  The service of the staff at this shop was terrible. I stood for more than 5 minutes while they just kept on ignoring me.  I can understand that I need to wait if they are busy but I was the only client there and there were 3 of them and not even one could just greet me and tell me to wait a bit.  Eventually I asked if they intent to help me or should I leave.  They then sold me some cool drinks. (They were kept in buckets of ice and was ice cold). This bad service was the only negative of our visit.

We found a nice table in the shade near the duck pond and enjoyed our drinks.  I did not want to go back to the braai area for food but bought delicious pies at the shop near the entrance.

JW played some more and then it was time to go home.  It was a lovely day and we will definitely visit again.

Address:                      Victoria St, George
Tel no:                         084 249 0442
Entrance Fee:             Adults R20, Children R 10, Under 3 Free
Trading Hours:            Daily except Mondays from 9am to 4pm
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