Mont Marie Restaurant - Breakfast with view

On the last day of our weekend in Stellenbosch in August 2017 my sister wanted to treat us for a breakfast.  But we had a slow start and getting everybody ready took a while.


We drove to Mont Marie Restaurant and although we did not have a reservation we got a table outside next to the kids play area. It was a lovely sunny day with blue skies and a great day to be outside.  And we weren’t the only people who thought so…the restaurant was busy with lots of kids paying outside and even more adults enjoying a drink or meal at the tables.


The restaurant has a beautiful view of the mountains (Even after studying for 4 years n Stellenbosch I still cannot remember the names of the mountains around the town) and a dam.

The play area for the kids is not very big but there are various things for kids to do.  There are swings, a sandpit with lots of tractors and other toys to play in the sand, interesting jungle gyms and a slide. There is also some lawn to run on and some small tables and chairs for kids to eat.  (When we visited these were a few of the broken ropes on some swings and one of the jungle gyms.)


JW enjoyed the jungle gyms and slides.  It rained a little bit the previous night and JW and some girls plays in the sandpit making mud with the water they found in a bucket. The play area has a fence around it and gates to keep kids save.  I was a bit worried that JW will try to climb over the fence to get to the dam.

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Between the 4 of us we ordered 4 different breakfasts and all of them were great.  The coffee was also delicious.



Address:                      Blaauklippen Road, Stellenbosch
Tel no:                         +27 79 687 2112
Trading Hours:            Mondays, Tuesday               Closed                        
Wednesday                            08:30 -15:00
Thursday                                08:30 -15:00 & 18:30 -21:00
Friday                                      08:30 -15:00 & 18:30 -21:00
Saturday                                 08:30 -15:00 & 18:30 -21:00
Sunday                                   08:30 -15:00

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