Hartenbos Waterpark

Autumn is here.  In the early morning and late evenings the air is cool. The sun is lazy to get started in the morning and goes to bed earlier.  With swim weather gone for a while it is nice to look back at some photos of a day in the sun at the Hartenbos Water Park.

We went to visit the park early one Saturday morning in January after the rush of the summer holiday was over.  After paying the entrance fee (I think it was R20 per adult and my 2-year old son could enter for free) we walk to the pool.  The park was still empty as we passed the miniature golf and stopped at the huge jungle gym. 
Minuture golf

Jungle gym

After climbing for a while we walked to the swimming pool. The water was smooth, clean and clear and inviting us for a swim.  We quickly went so change in the restrooms.  (I was not impressed with the restrooms.  There was lots of space to change but no privacy.  No doors or curtains and even the showers were open.  Also, for a new building the paint inside look old and neglected)

Swimming pool

Soon we were in the water.  It was ice cold but after a while we started to enjoy it.  We started to play in the shallow kiddie’s pool with my 2 year old son JW. Then I took him for a swim in the big pool.  A few other people arrived. 

I was a bit nervous to take my son on the waterslide but he was so excited. We bought a few rubber bands.  Each rubber band gets you one slide but since I was sliding with my son we could use 1 band for both of us. We went on the small slide I could not see JW’s face while we were on the slide but as soon as we stood up at the bottom he ran to do it again.  We went a few more times on the small slide and once he went with his granddad.  With the last rubber bands we tried the big slide.  My heart was beating fast with nerves while waiting our turn.  I used my feet to slow us down a bit but he was never scared.

Water slide

Water slide

It was a fun day and we will definitely visit again next summer.


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