Butterfly World

The second day of our visit in Stellenbosch was a Sunday.  We decided to have a relaxed day with a bit of shopping and then lunch at the Blauwklippen Market.

On Monday we decided to visit Butterfly World.  It was easy to find and there was lots of parking.  The entrance fee was a bit expensive (R80 per adult) but at our son (under 3 years old) could enter for free. 

I was expecting different rooms with butterflies but all the butterflies are in one tropical-garden greenhouse of about 1000 m2.  There are paths through the plants and the butterflies fly around from flower to flower.  It is very warm and humid to give the best environment for the butterflies but it takes some to get use to it.  Since we did not know what to expect we took JW’s stroller with us.  On some places it was a bit difficult to push the stroller but most of the paths were stroller friendly.

My husband almost the whole 2 hours of our visit inside the tropical garden taking photos of different butterflies.  The butterflies only kept JW’s attention for a short while and then we had to explore further. 

The other animals included reptiles (lizards, dragons and snakes), birds, fish, marmoset monkeys and tortoises.  There is also a small blue duiker.  We walked around in the in the other enclosures and then went outside. 

There is a grass play area with place for picnics.  We bought drinks and had a little picnic outside.  The bathroom in this area is clean but unfortunately it did not have place to change a nappy. JW was very glad to get out of the stroller and run around.

We enjoyed the outing.  After about 90 minutes we were ready to leave but since it was so expensive we stayed for another 30 minutes.  But I hope to return for another visit when JW is a bit older. (If it does not get to expensive in the future)

Blue duiker

Butterfly World
Adress:                         Route 44, Klapmuts (Near Stellenbosch and Paarl)
Website:                        www.butterflyworld.co.za  
Phone no:                      +27 21 875 5628
Visiting Hours:                Every day from 08:00 – 17:00
Entrance Fee:                Adult     R 80
 Child     R 45
                                     Children under 3 is free

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