Mossel Bay Monday: Windy day at the Point

It has been a while since I last post some photos of Mossel Bay.
After lovely sunny weather during the week we had a windy day with rain on Saturday.   
We decided buy take-aways and drive to the Point for an early lunch.

The wind was unpleasant but I took Emma (or dog) for a walk before returning to the car.  
We ate while enjoying the beautiful view of the ocean and clouds.
 Clouds and waves

Then I went back into the wind to take a few photos.  
 But the clouds were multiplying and it was cold outside. 

We drove to the parking area next to the Point Hotel for a few photos of the Poort.  
 There was a lot of foam from the waves.  
 On our way home the rain started to fall 
and continued to fall in short showers the rest of the day.
The perfect weather for a quiet afternoon at home.


  1. I imagine Mossel Bay can have the same windy problems we have here in PE


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