Wildebraam Berry Estate

Wildebraam Berry Estate is only about 2 or 3 kilometers outside of Swellendam.  After a nice lunch we got directions at the Tourism information center.  The farm was easy to find and first thing we saw was the beautiful views of the mountain.
We went to the tasting cellar and started by tasting the 9 different liqueurs that is made by Wildebraam.  The flavours include Guava, Rooibos, Youngberry, Honey, Peppermint, Fennel & Aniseed, Lemon, Hazelnut and Choc Chilli.  My favourites were the Guava and Peppermint while H liked the Rooibos and Aniseed. 
Next we tried some of the relishes and chutneys.  Most of these are spicy and I did not taste all of them.  I did like the Tomato Chutney.  Then we moved to the last table to taste the jams.  There are jams with different berries, oranges, and other fruit.
We left Wildebraam with a box full of liqueurs and jams for ourselves and some gifts.  It was fun to taste all the different items and find our favourites. 

Unfortunately we could not pick berries because it was not the right season. But I think it is a great reason for another weekend in Swellendam.  There is also accommodation in self-catering cottages on the farm.  

Wildebraam Berry Estate
Address:                       Hermitage Village, Swellendam
Tel no:                          +27 28 514 3132          
Website:                       www.wildebraam.co.za   
E-mail:                          info@wildebraam.co.za
Visiting Hours:               Monday – Friday:             08:00-17:00
                                    Saturday:                        09:00-16:00
                                    Sunday (In season):         10:00-15:00

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  1. I have a couple of the small bottles in my collection which I got as a gift, but have never been here. Perhaps a quick stop on my next drive to the Cape


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