20 March 2013


The next town we visited on our day trip away from Beaufort West was Loxton.  We left Victoria west after eating homemade pies for lunch.  We drove about 82 km to Loxton and reached the town after about one hour.

NG Kerk, Loxton, Northern Cape
This was the smallest town we visited on the trip.  The Dutch Reformed Church started the town when they bought a farm from Mr. AE Loxton. The congregation was started in 1899 and soon a small, temporary church was built.  The funds grew and in 1924 the current church building was completed.

NG Kerk, Loxton

NG Kerk, Loxton

NG Kerk, Loxton

We only spend about 20 minutes in this town to take photos of the church and walk around a bit. 

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